My Most Recent Setup For Sharpening Scrapers

Sharpening scrapers

This is my current hi-tech setup for sharpening scrapers.

The chalk helps keep the file from clogging, and the little Japanese rust eraser helps scrub swarf from the pores of the stone.

I have a big burnisher for big scrapers and a small burnisher for small scrapers. Either burnisher would do the job on all sizes of scrapers, but using a small burnisher to turn the burr on a small scraper feels less like driving a nail with a sledgehammer.

I started making little cardboard or heavy paper sheaths for the smaller scrapers a year or so ago. I use the small scrapers much more than the large ones, and the sheaths let me keep them out on the bench without worrying about the edges becoming damaged.

The larger scrapers are kept wrapped up in a piece of cloth, though I still occasionally use pieces of plastic paper binding clips to protect the edges when they turn up while cleaning the shop.

I like having multiple scrapers on hand. They often look identical, but some are sharpened for very fine work and others for more aggressive work, and like my drugstore reading glasses, if I have enough of them lying about, I can usually find one when needed!