Normal Dulcimer Shop Activity Will Resume Shortly

Long story short; I’m recovering well from back surgery.

Short story slightly longer; a year ago at a festival I stepped out of the car, suddenly and unexpectedly doubled over in pain, and instantly knew life would be slightly more complicated for a while.

When I got home I visited an excellent physician who ran some tests and assured me that a relatively simple surgery would solve the problem.

I was also assured my insurance company would not cover the cost of the surgery until I spent a year trying other treatments which in my doctor’s opinion would not solve the problem.

For a year I was able to work about one-third of the time I usually work in the shop. People waiting for instruments on order were understanding and kind. Most advance orders did get completed and shipped and a few still waiting for completion are slated for the hands of equally considerate and understanding people.

In a few weeks I will be easing my way back into the dulcimer shop. I’ll be finishing up some orders, making instruments to have on hand as inventory, and finally completing a long-overdue modern rendering of an Ethiopian Begena.

During the past year my wonderful wife Cynthia drove me to quite a few festivals, workshops and other gigs during the times I could not make the drive myself.

Aint love grand!

During these trips Cynthia met friends around the Midwest she had only heard of and vice-versa.

Friends at festivals throughout the area keep asking if she will be coming to festivals in the future.

I think more people might show up at my gigs if she comes with me because they want to see her!

I understand completely.


7 thoughts on “Normal Dulcimer Shop Activity Will Resume Shortly

  1. So sorry that you had to suffer so long because of the rules of your insurance company. So happy to hear you will be fully healed soon. XO You and your sweet wife make a wonderful team.

  2. I don’t think there ever was or will be “normal” in you’re shop. One has only to visit you’re site and check out Music I’d Like To Hear. I know you’ve missed it. And look forward to meeting you’re better half someday.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. You should invite your insurance company to reimburse you for the work you lost over the last year while they wanted you to try alternative treatments. Unbelievable.

  4. Mazl tov on your recovery. Good to see you back. It must have been the halavah!

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