Proper Attire When Planing Wood

As a dulcimer builder I use traditional techniques and tools that have been around for a very long time. I also learn many things about lutherie and woodworking by reading books as old or older than some of the tools I use.

This morning I learned that I have been missing an important skill and my work has probably suffered for it; I was not dressing appropriately for each stage of planing wood!

Proper Attire When Planing Wood

It seems that one can wear the same outfit when holding a jack plane as when planing at the bench, however, when “Testing Planed Wood Across The Grain” with a square one should change hair color.

I do not consider changing hair color critical to this step; a magazine popular during this era probably had an article about proper hair coloring during this process and a frenzy of buying and selling went on in the woodworking marketplace. Remember when we all had to have trained mice pulling our sharpening guides over natural stones that were mined by virgins from a secret cave in the Himalayas? Neither do I, but you get the idea.

However, “Sighting a Piece of Planed Wood for Straightness” absolutely requires wearing a hat! I will not explain why as the reasons are obvious.

I’m happy that in this modern age it is easy to share accurate and useful information via the Internet.

Well, I’m off to the thrift store to get a vest and tie. Maybe I’ll see you there!