Quote – Lex Hixon on Open Space

Lex Hixon Open Space
is the placeless place
where all (such) prayers and elevated intentions
come to full fruition.

Open Space is the one taste
that pervades all beings, all events.

Open Space is not space.
Open Space is not something open or closed.
Open Space does not have any form.
Open Space is not formlessness.
One cannot describe Open Space by saying what it is not.
There is no way to describe
what already is.

There is nothing inside Open Space,
there is nothing outside it.
But Open Space is a mother nursing her child.
Open Space is a child’s game.
Open Space is the justice, the beauty, the mercy,
the transparent light that manifests as cosmos.
Open Space is plenitude.
Everything that spiritual traditions long for,
supplicate for, envision,
and have envisioned profoundly and authentically
from the very beginning of consciousness,
all this richness is the plenitude of Open Space.

Open Space is what is hearing at this moment.
Open Space is the temporality
that we identify as this moment.
Open Space is infinitely articulate.
It speaks through every possible language.
It speaks through the nonverbal gestures of our lives.
Its perfect silence is perfect speech.
Its perfect speech is perfect silence.

A profusion, a cascade of names
are indicating Open Space.
Here are some of the names of Open Space:
microphone, floor, hands, eyes,
air, chandelier, Chicago, planet Earth.

Open Space is sublime reticence.
Not a single explanation, not a single statement
issues from Open Space.
Words cease to be words for Open Space.
Sounds cease to be sounds,
tastes cease to be tastes,
for Open Space.
We lose ourselves
in order to find ourselves
as Open Space.

Lex Hixon speaking at The Parliament of the World’s Religions, September, 1993, Chicago, Illinois

The Lex Hixon web site

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