Random Pictures Of Dulcimer Making At The Bench

Since I make dulcimers primarily using hand tools almost everything takes place on the bench. The rest of my small shop contains mostly tools and wood that get used on the bench or stuff that is drying or curing between visits to the bench.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took during the past few months of various goings on at the bench.  Hover the cursor over the thumbnail for a caption. Click the thumbnail for a larger picture..

2 thoughts on “Random Pictures Of Dulcimer Making At The Bench

  1. It looks like the Klemsia-type of wooden clamps offer enough strength for your purposes. That’s nice. Not so much heavy steel, and cost. Those are very robust shavings from your scraper. Do you have a heavy burr on the edge? How fine do you polish the edges?



    1. Wooden cam-clamps work great for lutherie. Not only are they relatively inexpensive but they are also lightweight and only light to moderate clamping pressure is needed in most situations.

      For fairly coarse scraping I use a stiff scraper with a heavy bur. I usually just true the edge with a file before turning a bur for the rough stuff. For fine scraping I go from the file to waterstones or abrasive paper, which ever is closest, usually to around 1500 grit. I may or may not turn a bur depending on how fine I want to work.

      All the best,


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