Shaping A Dulcimer Peghead Support Block

Preparing to shape the side of a dulcimer head block.

I don’t always know what to name certain parts of dulcimer anatomy. I glue a block to the end of the dulcimer, shape it, and then glue the peghead to that block. I sometimes refer to this part as the head block but that could also be the name of the end block in the peghead end of the dulcimer.

For today I will refer to the part in question as a peghead support block,. Why not?

In the photograph above I have already shaped one side of the block and have prepared to shape the other. The dulcimer is clamped to the bench and some cardboard is taped to the side to protect it from the edge of saw used to made the cut as shown below.

Sawing the dulcimer head block to shape.

After sawing away the waste I clean up the work with a block plane, scraper, and file.

Cleaning up the dulcimer head block with a block plane and scraper.

There is still carving and shaping to do before the peghead goes on but the rougher aspects of the work are now complete.

2 thoughts on “Shaping A Dulcimer Peghead Support Block

  1. I am always amazed at how you achieve the finished dulcimer. I would not be able to do that myself.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Like anything else it is an acquired skill. There were plenty of “Oops!” moments along the way and I’m sure there will be many more! 🙂

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