Sharpening Gizmosity

Warner "Little Wonder" Water Motor

I’m selling these gizmos short. The water motors not only power a grinding and buffing wheel; they can also power a sewing machine, wash bottles, and clean lamp chimneys.

In the case of “Divine’s Red Devil Water Motor” we also get to ponder if using this device requires selling one’s soul to the dark side. I think not, but what do I know?

Divine Water Motor

2 thoughts on “Sharpening Gizmosity

  1. Wow! Advertising at its finest! Love it. How the “Religious Right” would have a ball with that last one! 😎 I juts want to learn how to use a stone to sharpen my knives “like they’ve never been sharpened before”.

    1. I’m pretty much a “sharpen it on a stone and get back to work” kind of guy myself. I do use a grinding wheel to establish a basic grind but nothing as cool as a satanic water powered wheel!

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