Shop Maintenance

I’ve written before about how I manage my work in a small shop. I’ll build several dulcimers from start to finish and adapt the shop to the tasks at hand. I’ll keep the bench free of the ephemera that tends to gather there while planing stock. Then comes side-bending, fabricating parts, assembly, fretting, scraping, sanding and finally finishing.

By the end of the process the shop is a bit of a mess so I clean things up, get organized, sharpen a bunch of tools and start over again.

Today is such a day and it was time to clean up and flatten the bench again. Here is a link to an older post about “Leveling The Top Of My Workbench.”

Here is how my arms look after planing the top of my bench today:

My arms after truing up the top of my bench with a #8 jointer plane

Time to get back to work!