Simple Pleasures

Here are a few tools and some of the tasks I use them for.

This small bench hook has become a necessity for trimming binding and linings, cutting nuts and bridges to length, notching braces and planing small parts.

My trusty, musty, dusty little bench hook

I use a violin maker’s finger plane and paring chisels to shape braces. The sole of the plane is a little convex in length and width and makes it easy to add a gentle sweep to the shape of  braces.

A violin finger plane and a cranked paring chisel.

My bandsaw lives in the garage and this knife has saved me trips to the bandsaw on rainy days or at times when I  prefer to take a little more time and enjoy the quiet while cutting soundboards, backs and sides to profile, slicing spruce for thin braces, cutting strips of veneer, etc.

Cutting spruce with a knife.


4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Not sure I’d go that far, but I love the impulse. A young friend of mine once built a log home, and the first task accomplished was at the forge making a broad-axe. That’s vertical integration to an extreme 🙂

  2. John Pitcock: I’m using a rosewood fingerboard as a straight edge. I do use some power tools to save some time with the rough stuff. It would be interesting to make one sometime using nothing but hand tools! Cut down the tree with an ax…..

  3. The straightedge looks to be wood. Is it, or steel? p.s. – nice to know that you could (if necessary) build without the benefit of power tools.

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