Some Curly Wood That Got Resawn Today

This morning I posted about some wood I was going to resaw. Some of the wood shown in today’s earlier post has been resawn as well as a few other boards.

Some of the boards needed to be flattened before they could be resawn. For the ones with a lot of twist I prefer using a wooden jack plane. It is light and glides beautifully across the wood. This plane has a fairly fine mouth for a jack plane and the blade is honed with a back bevel making the cutting edge around 55 degrees. I can quickly level and smooth these 32 inch boards. I occasionally make a pass or two with a #7 plane to determine the high spots.

planing wood flat

Here is the bandsaw in the garage set up for resawing. I haven’t hooked up the dust collector yet. It helps but it is still a very dusty process.

bandsaw resaw setup

And here is the resawn wood stacked on my bench. I’ll give it a few weeks to acclimate to my shop before being joined, brought to final thickness and turned into dulcimers.

resawn wood on bench

Now I’m going to sweep up the sawdust, empty the dust collector and shower away the sawdust.

It was a good afternoon.