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Some Early Dulcimer Players

Balis RitchieMr. RitchieLoraine WymanDulcimer1917vogue
Jethro AmburgeyJethroAmburgyBristol TaylorBristolTaylor2

Balis Ritchie was Jean Ritchie’s father.

Loraine Wyman collected Appalachian and Canadian folk songs in the early 20th century.

Jethro Amburgey was a prolific and influential dulcimer maker.

Bristol Taylor was a dulcimer maker, farmer and poet. I have not found any significant references to him or his work.


A Simple Shop-Made Thickness Sander




  1. Michael Allen

    Hey Doug,

    I repaired a Bristol Taylor lap dulcimer in 2007, how peculiar is that?

    • Doug Berch

      Very peculiar, and pretty cool too! Was it an interesting instrument?

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