Some Old Woodworking Tool Ads

I’ve been a little under the weather for  the last few days so I  have not put in as much time in the shop as I would have liked too.

There are always a few things I can accomplish in the shop on an off day so I milled and glued up a few fretboard blanks to add to the pile that I age before use. I also selected the wood that will become pegheads for the three dulcimers currently in process.

This involved enough hand planing to leave me feeling that I had enough exercise for the day.

Since computers and the Internet are the great time wasters information tools of the current age I spent some time cleaning up some images of old tool ads I have found here and there on the web.


old ad for a work bench

old ad for Johnson's finishing products


old ad for a Yankee screwdriver


old ad for a Millers Falls drill


old ad for a Royal grinder

Maybe you could leave this post up for someone to find as a holiday shopping hint?

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