Sorting Wood For The Next Batch of Dulcimers

And so it begins.

Well, it began a while ago with wood from the attic, clouds of sawdust at the bandsaw in the garage and now sorting tops, backs and sides for the next several dulcimers.

Sorting wood for dulcimers yet to be born

Not seen in the photo are several sets of walnut and maple scattered about the floor.

The long boards were part of a gift from a friend. He showed up one day with a bunch of boards he bought 30 years ago. What a gift! One of the boards pictured looks to be sapele, the identity of the other is still a mystery. It might be curly ash. The feel and weight of it are nice and I think it would make nice backs and sides, whatever it may be.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Wood For The Next Batch of Dulcimers

  1. Your wood looks so inviting, I think it does for you what a fine piece of fabric does for me! or some great beads!

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