Still Life In A Dulcimer Maker’s Shop #2


Still Life If A Dulcimer Maker's Shop


The three dulcimers hanging on the wall have fresh coats of varnish. It is a relatively warm day so coats of varnish are all that is necessary; if it had been colder they would be in their parkas and mittens.

The baritone dulcimer hanging in the middle always loses it’s hat. It favors a small and pointy tuque and believe me they are not easy to find. Maybe my wife will knit it a new one.

On the table among other stuff is a walnut and butternut dulcimer that is next in line for scraping, sanding, fretting and finishing. To the left are shelves of planes. I use them all. Really, I do.

On the higher shelves is some of the wood that will become the next batch of dulcimers.


4 thoughts on “Still Life In A Dulcimer Maker’s Shop #2

  1. That would be fun! Certainly let me know if you are ever up this way!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next week too.

    All the best,


  2. Doug,
    If we ever get to MI, I’d love to visit your shop! It’d be cool to see, in-person, someone using a scraper who really knows how to use one.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Laura’s fest next weekend!

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