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Still Life In A Dulcimer Maker’s Shop #5


A fresh batch of hide glue ready for the glue pot

Every few days I prepare a new batch of hide glue. Granules of dry glue swell up as they soak up water overnight. The glue is ready for heating the following morning. I use distilled water when using hide glue to avoid minerals that can discolor the wood.

The jar sits in water heated to 140°F inside the small crock-pot. My current glue pot is a small, inexpensive crock-pot that keeps the water at just the right temperature.



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  1. J.m. Shoup

    Unless we take it to mean that as a result of the hide glue, Doug’s shop is pregnant with promise.

  2. J.m. Shoup

    A different take on ‘the bunny died’, Doug.

  3. Gary Sager

    You are a better man than I, Doug Berch. I just buy the ready to use stuff.

  4. Doug Berch

    Gary Sager: I’m not a better man, just an old-fashioned kind of guy! 🙂

  5. Vickie Glinski

    I am gonna have to google Halavah…unless you care to enlighten me here! 😉

  6. David Marc Klein

    What’s in the jar? Halavah?

  7. Doug Berch

    Steve Szilagyi: I think Dr. Young can tell you where you put it!

  8. Steve Szilagyi

    Where did I hide that hide glue?

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