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L’ÉBÉNISTERIE – A Silent Film About Woodworking (1932)

Last week Kari Hultman posted a short French silent film about woodworking on her blog, “The Village Carpenter.” If you haven’t checked out Kari’s blog you should go there very soon.

While watching this amazing film I looked around the website where it was hosted. I wished I had paid more attention during French class in high school.

I found several  interesting videos about woodworking, music, lutherie and more.

Here is a link to a silent film called “L’ÉBÉNISTERIE.”

L'ÉBÉNISTERIE - A Silent Film About Woodworking (1932)

It shows the woodworking process beginning with felling trees and ending with finished furniture. We watch an apprentice learning to use a frame saw, planes and other tools. There are shots of joinery, veneering, staining and finishing.

 Chopping down a very large tree

 Ripping with a frame saw

Planing at the bench


Cleaning The Shop Can At Times Seem Overwhelming

The purpose of this post is to enable me to procrastinate a little longer.

Every now-and-then I give the shop a thorough cleaning before finishing or beginning a batch of dulcimers.

Cleaning the shop can at times seem overwhelming.

Tonight I emptied out a lot of the stuff that was leaning against walls, sitting on the floor and generally causing me to lose tools, cause avalanches and other havoc.

I was actually able to sweep the floor. I was actually able to see the floor!

The shop is looking pretty good.

As for the piles of lumber, bending forms, boxes and other stuff I took out of the shop to get to the floor…well, getting that stored in an accessible and orderly fashion will take a little longer, hence the procrastination.

Coffee break is over, time to get back on my head!



Thousand Cankers Black Walnut Disease Is Spreading

While in Kentucky this weekend I learned that Thousand Cankers Black Walnut Disease had been found in Tennessee. A few weeks ago no cases had been reported in the Eastern part of the United States.

This disease can potentially cause  walnut trees in North America to become extinct.

It is not a time to give up hope for the walnut tree but it is certainly time to take action. Contact your State Department of Agriculture of University Extension for local information. Some states and counties are already banning the transport of walnut logs, firewood, etc.

Do what you can to protect walnut trees!

Here are some link to more information:

Thousand Cankers Walnut Disease

Missouri Department of Agriculture – Thousand Cankers of Black Walnut

Tennessee Department of Agriculture – Identifying Thousand Cankers Disease

The Missourian – How Thousand Cankers Disease Works

Birds Of Vermont – Wonderful Wood Carvings

While traveling with my wife’s family we came across The Birds Of Vermont Museum. The museum was closed but we soon came across Bob Spear, the museum’s founder, coming back from a hike in the nearby woods.

Mr. Spear kindly offered to open the museum for us and we were very happy not to have missed seeing the fruits of his 25+ years of bird carving.

Bob Spear

At 90 Bob Spear is still carving away. He also has an apprentice who is helping him complete this massive collection of bird carvings.

Go there if you can!

You can also view some of the museum on-line and watch live birds at the feeder on the bird-cam by going to the museum’s website:

The Birds Of Vermont Museum

Handy Shop Tips

Some odds and ends I’ve gathered from here and there.

Some of these ideas make sense. Some make some sense. Some I’m just not sure about.

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