The Adventure Continues

Curly walnut dulcimer - Doug Berch

It has been six weeks since having a bi-level lumbar fusion and this morning I entered the shop for the first time since then. The bench was as I had left it with a curly walnut dulcimer awaiting a nut, bridge, tuners, and setup. Also on the bench are some sets of tonewood I resawed before having surgery. These will become the back, sides, and for some, the soundboards for some of the next run of bespoke dulcimers I will be making when the time comes.

It will probably be another 6 weeks before my body is ready for light work. Healing is going well. The surgeon said if I worked for someone else he would have me take three months off but since I am self-employed and can take all the breaks I want I may possibly start a little sooner. I’ll find out for sure in early April.

One large obstacle is getting into the shop itself. My shop is a small room at the top of a steep staircase built before ergonomics were strongly considered when designing houses. At the moment stairs are difficult for me and these stairs are more difficult than others.
My workout for the day.

Here’s the view one sees while climbing the stairs:

Where does the shop begin and end?

Almost to the top of the stairs.

I am thankful for the patience of those waiting for me to make their dulcimers. The good news is that when fully recovered I should be able to spend a lot more time working in the shop than I have been able since this adventure began.

I love my job.

6 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues

  1. Having a sister in law that who is also recovering from surgery – some idea of what you are experiencing. The wait for the healing is not easy – but patience they say is the key. A wish for you on speedy but safe recovery.

  2. Good to read you are mending ok. I think the lure of the shop will help the healing progress faster.

    1. Thanks! The tricky part is the waiting! I want to get back to work! Hopefully in 6 or so weeks.

  3. Glad you are on the mend…. And how could you not love your job. Making is music is your job.

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