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Mose Tapiero Ocarinist

“The Echo” – Ocarina Solo By Mose Tapiero (1909)


Mose Tapiero - Ocarinist



\”The Echo\” – Ocarina Solo By Mose Tapiero (1909)

“The Echo” – Ocarina Solo By Mose Tapiero (1909)

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  1. Doug Berch


    How fascinating! I found the photograph on Ebay while looking at ocarinas. I did not win the auction but downloaded a copy of the photograph. I was aware of your great-uncle’s music so I was happy to find the photograph.

    I am happy that you found this photograph on my web page. Here is a link with some information about his music –

    All the best,


  2. ambrogio balzarini

    Mosè Tapiero was my great-uncle. Great emotion, first time I see him. Could you tell me where you found the picture? Are there any more around?
    Let me know please, if you can
    Best regards

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