The Girl I Left Behind Me

The Girl I Left Behind Me

[audio:The Girl I Left Behind Me.mp3]

“The Girl I Left Behind Me” played on tinwhistle by Doug Berch

9 thoughts on “The Girl I Left Behind Me

  1. Really nice, light, Doug!
    I’ve been playing more tunes out of G lately on my DGd-tuned Bloom bowed dulcimer. (The low and middle strings are cello strings!)

  2. Love it, Doug. I always think of that as such a military affiliated song – the delicate graphics turn it into a love song for me. Gee…. wonder why this song was on your mind. (hee hee) Thanks for adding a little sweetness to the day!

  3. My father told me that if it weren’t for being able to turn off his hearing aids I never would have learned to play whistle!

  4. Glad you like it, Marge. I’m playing more and more G tunes in D-G-D these days – I like the way the notes flow.

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. ….Jerry Rockwell was just mentioning what a good penny whistle player you are! ..I love this tune, I will have to re-learn it. I always liked in ‘G’, dulcimer players want to play in ‘D’ so I just forogt about it. Thanks for the revival!

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