The Latest Adventure

Resawing wood for dulcimers

Just saying hello.

I had back surgery two weeks ago and recovery is going well. I now have two non-adjustable truss rods and some other hardware supporting my lower back.

I’m taking it easy, catching up on reading, watching some series and movies I would normally not have time for, gently exercising and occasionally feeling bored. I’m also reading a lot about lutherie and doing thought experiments about new designs, methods of work, and possibly some new instruments to make.

It will probably be two months or so before I can begin to do some work in the shop. Before surgery I did some of the rough work to prepare for the time I’ll be back at the bench again. In the photograph above is cherry, walnut, and curly ash resawn for some future dulcimers.

Full recovery will take up to a year but if all goes as planned I’ll able to work longer hours making dulcimers than I have for about 5 years. I look forward to that time! I love my job!

12 thoughts on “The Latest Adventure

  1. Tom Devers

    Take care – my sister in law had back surgery in November and is recovering now. Being patient is they say the key to recovery.

  2. Pat

    Take care of yourself. Praying you will be back making your beautiful Dulcimers soon. It sure is fun and rewarding. My kit dulcimer is holding its tuning beautifully and has a lovely voice.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Wishing you the best with your possible surgery and hope you can avoid it! Hope you can find something that makes you comfortable afterwards. This was my 3rd and hopefully last back surgery! All the best, Doug

  3. Karen Miller Morton

    I’m full of admiration for your courage and persistence. Best wishes for a complete and satisfying recovery.

  4. Joan Quigg

    Hope your recovery is going well. You stayed with us for the Illinois Mountain Dulcimer Winter Weekend, now in its 9th year. I’m doing much the same, having missed a step, fallen, and broken my leg near the ankle. Such fun. Not. However, good books help. Get well soon!

    1. I remember staying with you! Sorry to hear about the leg. Hope to see you sometime at a festival sooner than later. Get well and take care, Doug

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