The Power Tool I Use Most Often

Though I lean strongly towards using hand tools I do use power tools.  The decision to use hand or power tools for a particular task depends on what will  get the job done most accurately and effectively.

My bench is surrounded (or covered) with the hand tools I use most often. Chisels, scrapers, rasps, files and small planes are always within reach. A little farther away are the larger planes, clamps, drills, etc.

As for power tools, the one I keep closest and use most often is the vacuum cleaner. The shop vac is almost always by my side. It follows me around the shop. It knows what I am doing.

I’m starting to get scared…..

Maybe I should consider getting one of these:


Vacuum Sweeper Pumped By Hand (1905)

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    1. Thanks! I’m enjoying you blog as well. Knee is all fine now. A week after, I was back commuting on my bike. The things they can do now and get you back on feet are amazing.

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