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The Power Tool I Use Most Often

Though I lean strongly towards using hand tools I do use power tools.  The decision to use hand or power tools for a particular task depends on what will  get the job done most accurately and effectively.

My bench is surrounded (or covered) with the hand tools I use most often. Chisels, scrapers, rasps, files and small planes are always within reach. A little farther away are the larger planes, clamps, drills, etc.

As for power tools, the one I keep closest and use most often is the vacuum cleaner. The shop vac is almost always by my side. It follows me around the shop. It knows what I am doing.

I’m starting to get scared…..

Maybe I should consider getting one of these:


Vacuum Sweeper Pumped By Hand (1905)


Music I’d Like To Hear #17


Music I’d Like To Hear #18


  1. Doug Berch

    Glad you are back up and at it! I’ll be following your blog!

  2. Doug Berch

    Interesting. Thanks. I also checked out your blog. Very nice! I hope your knee feels better very soon.

    • Marilyn

      Thanks! I’m enjoying you blog as well. Knee is all fine now. A week after, I was back commuting on my bike. The things they can do now and get you back on feet are amazing.

  3. Marilyn

    Ok .. totally random here. But if you really wanna know about vacuum scrubbers, I know a fair about them for work. Enjoy!

  4. Doug Berch

    Must be why you don’t see them around much these days…:)

  5. Doug Berch


  6. Luke Townsley

    With an introduction like that, it is a wonder the vacuum sweeper ever caught on at all.

  7. Gary Roberts

    Yes, and the prison inmate to operate it is a must have too

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