The Seven Yellow Gypsies – Live At Dulci-more 2011


Doug Berch - Dulcimer Maker, Dulcimer Player

Dulci-more is a wonderful festival put on by Bill Schilling. It is a festival that is large enough to be interesting and small enough to be intimate. Go there if such things interest you!

Marge Diamond shot this video of me playing “The Seven Yellow Gypsies” at Dulci-more 2011. I remember feeling very “on” during that performance.


 Marge makes beautiful hand painted shirts, jackets, and hats. She’ll also paint your dulcimer case for you and she makes cool jewelry too. Marge shows up at many dulcimer festivals in the Midwest and South. After all, she is a Dulcimer Goddess!

Dulcimer Case hand painted by Marge Diamond

Marge Diamond at work.



6 thoughts on “The Seven Yellow Gypsies – Live At Dulci-more 2011

  1. Doug,
    You just about brought tears to my eyes. So sweet of you to promote me! You made my day, my week, my season,
    mucho hugs for you!

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