The Smell Of A Dulcimer In Progress

I can hear the jokes already….

But seriously, any woodworker knows that different woods have different fragrances.  “Fragrance” is a word that often seems associated with a smell one find pleasant while “smell” is often associated  with a smell that might just be a smell, for better or for worse.

The inspiration for this post came moments ago while cutting the binding channel on a dulcimer made of Adirondack spruce and big-leaf maple with walnut linings.

Suddenly the shop smelled like chocolate!

Maybe someday I'll make a dulcimer out of a chocolate tree!

While each wood has a distinctive fragrance I had never worked that combination simultaneously; what a discovery!

If not for the heavy snow falling at the moment I would be on my way to get some chocolate!

8 thoughts on “The Smell Of A Dulcimer In Progress

  1. yes, patchouli….youth, the Haight, summer of love, my first health food stores, so evocative. I still wear it; in fact just recently bought two scents and combined them: Francinsense, Myhrr and Patcholi. Wowza.

    1. @Paul Fox, I made one out of cherry and sassafras and only noticed the sassafras, which makes sense as it is so strong. I’m going to keep my nose out for other combinations as I work them!

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