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The Song I Sang During Dulcimer Week

I had a great time at Dulcimer Week 2009, a wonderful festival organized and produced by the lovely and talented Lois Hornbostel.

One evening I performed a set of three songs. I decided to “clear the palate” between two somewhat serious songs with something “a little lighter.”

The song in question was “Shame And Scandal In The Family,” an old calypso song with a theme that shows up in just about every folksong tradition.

I came home with a stack of email addresses from people who wanted the words and/or a recording.

Well, you asked for it…..

I can't believe he sang this song!

Here’s a live recording (warts and all) of the song  made during a concert I gave at The Fort New Salem Dulcimer Festival earlier this month.

“Shame And Scandal In The Family” performed by Doug Berch


Thanks to Bill Schilling for making the recording.




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  1. Doug Berch

    Thanks, Robin!

  2. Robin Thompson

    It was a pleasure to hear this again– I was at Ft New Salem when you performed it!
    a’ good wishes,

  3. Doug Berch

    Thanks Joanne! How great that Carroll is starting to play too!

  4. Joanne Newlin

    Doug, Thank you soooo much for sharing – I so enjoyed everything about dulcimer week at Callowhee. The artists were unbelievebly talented – the concerts were top noch and the jams the best. Sorry we won’t be going back there – but the Y camp may prove even better…best always – Joanne (and Carroll – a budding new dulcimer player at the age of 82 – my husband)…

  5. Marie

    Thanks for sharing this tune. I enjoyed it very much at Western. Hope life is good! 8 P

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