The Teachers Handbook Of Slöjd – Free Online Book

A few years ago I learned that a sloyd knife was named after the Slöjd method of teaching woodworking.

sloyd knife

There are many handbooks covering the basics of choosing and using woodworking hand tools. The variety of tools, methodology and illustration is almost always fascinating and colored by the era in which the book was written.

I find “The Teachers Handbook Of Slöjd” to be particularly appealing. The presentation of tools and their usage is, in my opinion, unusually crisp and direct.

Trainor's Improved Bench

Here you go: “The Teachers Handbook Of Slöjd

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  1. Doug, I’ld suggest looking for the tools you had forgotten about. You may find the 271 by doing so.


  2. I struggle to stay organized but sometimes it has it’s advantages; I’m always making pleasant discoveries in the strangest places at the strangest times! I still can’t find my Stanley 271 but I found some other tools I forgot I had during the search!

  3. Just found the book while looking for some images for someone else. Maybe this is the best thing about having a large personal library. I can forget what I have and rediscover the books every few years…


  4. At least with Books we get to call them a Library and not a collection! That’s 6 bookcases so far not to mention the stuff in boxes. I guess that, just as with tools, there comes a time when you have to start selling off stuff to make room for more!


  5. You must have an amazing collection of books! Thanks for sharing all the great stuff you put up on

  6. That’s a great book. Particularly for teaching an alternative method of introducing people to woodworking. I’m lucky to have the book on my shelf and read it a few years ago. Now that I am reminded of it, it’s time to pick it up again and read it once again.

    Thanks for the tip,

  7. Many years ago some friends and I would put “The Quote of The Month” on the refrigerator. The quote was always something someone said in conversation that deserved this place of honor.

    The one I never forgot was “Having a job sure eats into your time!”

  8. Cool, thanks! I downloaded it. It’s amazing how much material is online for free. If only I didn’t have to work for a living, I’d be able to read it all. :o)

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