Two Mountain Dulcimers Nearly Complete

Its a beautiful snowy day. I found the thickness calipers I misplaced. I leave soon to play a very pleasant gig close to home. Life is good.

I spent the morning getting two dulcimers ready for final scraping and sanding. A third is on the bench close behind.

My photographic skills are lacking but this photograph appealed to me even though it does not show the two dulcimers very well:


The photographs don’t show how pretty the curly maple and walnut looks partly due to my lack of photographic skills as well as the lack of finish on the dulcimers. Here are a few more:



And here are some curly cherry sets I’m sorting for the next batch of dulcimers:


Now its time to brush snow off the car and go play.

Speaking of playing, I read once that a reason people don’t take the work musicians do seriously is because it is referred to as playing. Perhaps that is why so many people through the years have felt they were doing me a favor by asking me to work for free?

4 thoughts on “Two Mountain Dulcimers Nearly Complete

  1. LOL! Thanks to you for sharing your wonderful skill and artwork – I fully agree with the misconception: “work that is fun, is not worthy of an earning!” I have a store and studio and am constantly getting sponged for information and ideas by people who come through my door -I don’t mind if they are paying students, but I am really not hanging out waiting for someone to talk to… I am Working!! Amazing!

  2. My grandfather would tell folks who said thank you that a cat died on thanks.
    I never figured out what exposure was supposed to do. If I give you a quilt or beaded item, I can sell the others at the event without paying a commission?

  3. I guess a lot of people think that if someone enjoys the work they do then it must be something they only do for fun.
    A line I hear a lot when asked to play for free is that “it would be great exposure.” Well, people have died of exposure!

    All the best,


  4. Your dulcimers are beautiful, with or without finish, Doug. :o)

    I know what you mean about being asked to work for free. My neighbor said “I should have you fix my outdoor bench.” I told him he could probably save some money by just buying a new one. His reponse was “Well, I wasn’t going to pay you!”

    And I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve asked me to draw their portrait (gratis). *sigh*

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