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Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts And Trades (1795)

I came across this book while doing research on varnish-making:

Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts And Trades (1795)

The title alone provides a good read –

Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts and Trades: or, Approved directions, from the best artists : for the various methods of engraving on brass, copper, or steel. Of the composition of metals, and varnishes. Of mastichs and cements, sealing-wax, &c. Of colours and painting, for carriage painters. Of painting on paper. Of compositions from limners. Of transparent colours. How to dye skins or gloves. To colour or varnish copper-plate prints. Of painting on glass. Of colours of all sorts, for oil, water, and crayons. Of the art of gilding. The art of dying woods, bones, &c. The art of moulding. The art of making wines. Of the various compostions of vinegars. Of liquors and essential oils. Of the confectionary art. Of taking out all sorts of spots and stains.” (1795)

I love this stuff!

Learn methods of work from the past!  Amaze your friends!

Download your copy courtesy of The Internet Archive  –  Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts And Trades (1795)


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  1. Doug Berch

    Glad you like it, Brian. I love this kind of stuff. These old methods and ways suit my sensibilities.

  2. Doug Berch

    Thanks, Larry. I’ll keep you posted on the varnish adventures!

  3. Larry Marshall

    Another great find, Doug. Love these old books you keep finding. I’ll also be interested in hearing about your varnish-making activities.

    Cheers — Larry

  4. Brian

    Thanks for that Doug, invaluable AND interesting!

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