What’s On The Bench – 03/20/2014

The first day of Spring has arrived here with light snow flurries, brown grass peaking through melting snow, and an overcast sky that shows promise of letting a little sunlight poke through.

My body continues to heal and I am spending more time in the happy little corner of the world I call my shop.

I’m currently working on some custom orders. I’m also sorting wood for a run of dulcimers to have on hand for sale. The downtime while recovering from back issues and surgery has left me with few dulcimers to have readily available and I am hoping to have more available soon. Custom and advance orders always receive priority in the queue so please let me know if you are interested.

On the bench are sides in figured and colorful walnut for one of the custom dulcimers I’m working on.

Dulcimer sides freshly bent in walnut

I took this photograph as I was preparing to saw the sides to proper length. Between the sides is a 2″ machinists square that I will use to layout the saw lines on the sides. The small bench hook will help me keep the sides in place while making the saw cuts.

Still on the bench is the spray bottle I use for misting the sides while bending. I use distilled water when bending sides to avoid staining the wood. Minerals found in water can stain the sides, especially when heat is applied, and using distilled water solves this problem. 

Also on the bench are some hold fasts and the ubiquitous mallet that keep many things clamped and held in place.

Some friends have suggested i hire some help or take on apprentices in order to increase production. It seemed like a good idea so when these two guys applied for the positions I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Apprentices out of control!

It did not turn out well.

Time to get back to work!


6 thoughts on “What’s On The Bench – 03/20/2014

  1. Hey, that looks a lot like the sides of my custom dulcimer, comparing it to the picture you sent me :). Could be wrong….
    But, in either case, that’s some beautiful walnut!

    1. Hi Susie,

      Yes, those are the sides for your dulcimer just before I glued them to the endblocks! The photograph I emailed you was taken a day or so later!

  2. You may have slowed a wee bit physically, but your mind is as quick as ever. Stay the course, Doug, you’re getting there!!

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