What’s On The Bench – 4/21/2017

On the bench are three planes that have been getting quite the workout lately. They started complaining that they were overdue for a sharpening. I have come to trust their feedback so I took them seriously. Here they are minus their blades. They feel empty and lonely without their blades but this situation will not last long.

Three planes patiently awaiting sharp blades

I move a few things around and the workbench becomes a sharpening station. If I still subscribed to woodworking magazines I would know I am supposed to have a dedicated sharpening station with running water and a bidet. I do the best I can with what I have. It works just fine.

Sharpening stones and a stinkbug

When I turned my head for a moment a stinkbug decided to visit the stone in the center. I turned my head again and the stinkbug was gone. Few know that stinkbugs have developed teleportation. Now you too are among the few who know this.

Three plane blades and a strop in the late April

After honing the blades on the stones they each get a few strokes on a strop and are once again ready to rejoin their planes. Everyone is happy. I assume the stinkbug is happy too.