What’s On The Bench – 7/27/2013

It feels great to be working again.

My back and legs continue to heal and I am able work in the shop for short periods several times throughout the day. Trained professionals have told me I can work as long as I stop the moment I notice symptoms becoming aggravated. I keep thinking if I aggravate the symptoms enough they will get annoyed and go away but I keep being told it doesn’t work like that…

To make having to stop working a little more fun I have decided to occasionally do a post of “What’s On The Bench.” Think of it as a dulcimer maker playing musical chairs at the bench. When it is time to stop I grab my phone and snap a photo of what I was just working on.

I started building dulcimer #145 not long before having surgery this past March and have recently picked up where I left off. In this photograph the joint between the peghead and the body of the dulcimer was fitted and smoothed with a chisel and small scraper.

I'm tired of lying on my side. Can I get up now?

The chisel is a quarter-inch Stanley Handyman butt chisel from a set of four I inherited from my father-in-law. It is a great chisel for getting into tight spaces. When i first got these chisels I was impressed with how well they held an edge. These chisels were made during a time when many economy tools marketed to homeowners where often of good quality.

After carving the peghead to body joint flush I cleaned up the marks left by the chisel and smoothed the curves with the small scraper.

Also in the photograph is a cabinetmakers clamp and two cam clamps I use to hold the dulcimer on its side. Someday I will make a vise just for this purpose but the current setup isn’t broken so I haven’t bothered to fix it.