Woodworking Without A Workbench

I have great admiration for the traditional woodworkers around the world who create beautiful work with a relatively small number of tools in a simple shop.

ancient carpenters1

Tools and techniques appropriate to different cultures developed enabling the woodworker’s entire body to become involved in the work.

Japanese carpenters

bow lathe

bowsawing on the floor

I would be delighted if I could take my work outside on a beautiful day, lay a board on the grass to use as a bench and use my feet as a vice.

2 thoughts on “Woodworking Without A Workbench

  1. This is part of why I like spinning yarn. It’s a whole-body process, unlike the computer work. Spinning wheels can go outside (many of them) on the spur of the moment (not the really big ones, of course). Handspindles can go anywhere.

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