Working On Dulcimers And Working On My Body

Physical therapy I can relate to!

I just want to let folks know how I’m doing and what I’m up to.

The back surgery in early July went well, and my initial recovery was surprisingly comfortable and easy compared to others I have experienced.

After about six weeks, I was able to do some very light work in the shop, and currently, I am able to work at the bench for a total of two or three hours spread across the easier days.

Physical therapy is helping my body, and being able to do some work in the shop is helping my mind and heart.

That’s about it for now. Fall has arrived here in Michigan, and I can taste Winter coming soon.

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4 thoughts on “Working On Dulcimers And Working On My Body

    1. Thanks, Tony! I stumbled across that image some time ago, and I was fascinated to see how physical/occupational therapy of that time was at least partly based on the movements used for the types of work people did back in the day, and that some of us still do!

      1. It is fascinating. I suppose there are parallels with the way yoga and Tai Chi are supposed to mirror the movements of different animals – it’s a way of making the movement or pose more relatable, but is also culturally-bound. I can just about picture what a downward dog would look like, but you don’t see many camels or cobras round these parts. And as for camels using saws, they’re even rarer.

        1. Interesting thoughts, and though I did find a snake in the shop a few years ago, camels rarely make appearances!

          I once saw a documentary about dance, and one point made was that the movements people used in dance often reflect the technology or lack thereof people used in daily life. It was fascinating to see the flexibility of hunter-gatherers dancing compared to the movements used in industrialized countries, etc.

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