Working With What You Have To Work With

This post isn’t about the various tools or materials I use when making dulcimers. It is about working with the body I have to work with.

I was part of a panel discussion last week about how disability affects one as an artist or artisan, and before the event, I was interviewed by a local public radio station.

You can listen to the short interview or read a transcript by following this link.

4 thoughts on “Working With What You Have To Work With

  1. Yes. We sang this every Saturday in the children’s service. ‘Furious they assailed us’ is one line that comes to mind. Hello Doug.

  2. What a nice interview! The lovely “mystery tune” you played on the dulcimer was actually a very old Hanukkah song, dating back to the 13th century, or earlier. It’s called Ma’oz Tzur (Hebrew: ?????? ????), meaning “Strong Rock” (of my Salvation) & sometimes referred to as “Rock of Ages.” It’s a Jewish liturgical poem or “piyyut,” (with mystical subtexts) sung during religious services. It’s my favorite Hanukkah song, considering the many corny ones, like “I had a little dreydel.” It was difficult finding a nice, unaffected example, since everybody nowadays has to personalize their rendition and show how jazzy/snazzy they can be. So, here’s the 5th graders of New York City’s own Public School 22 chorus doing the most straight ahead version I could find. Their pronunciation is spot on, too.

    1. Thanks, Bob! I had no idea what the tune was, but it kept popping into my head and out of my fingers, and I knew I must have heard it somewhere! Most likely, I heard it in Hebrew school while studying for my bar mitzvah! Glad you liked the interview!

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