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You Were On My Mind / Durang’s Hornpipe – Doug Berch – Midland 2010

I’ve been singing “You Were On My Mind” since a friend introduced me to the music of Ian & Sylvia when I was a teenager.

I’m not sure where I picked up this particular version of “Durang’s Hornpipe.”


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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Tico. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Doug,

    Your version of “You Were On My Mind” is killer.

  3. Thanks, Tom. The Wee Five had a bigger hit with it than Ian & Sylvia, the ones who wrote it. The original recording featured two voices, 12 string guitar and autoharp!

  4. Tom

    Thank you for sharing – I remember hearing this first from the group We Five…..

  5. I hope we get to do that sometime soon, Steve!

  6. Durang’s is one of my favorites. Someday, if we ever get together again, we’ll have to do a harmonica/dulcimer version.

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